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Insights on Ugly Truth About Brake Dust

Brake dust and road grime are relentless. Left untreated, the filth can permanently damage wheels, effectively degrading the vehicle’s overall appearance.

“Brake dust isn’t related to a mechanical issue, but it’s an eyesore,” said Mike Pennington of Meguiar’s Inc., Southern California-based company producing waxes and polishes.

Motorcycle and Bike Safety Month

Drivers are encouraged to share the road in May as part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and National Bike Month.

"As the weather gets warmer, more motorcyclists will be out on the road, so look out for their safety,” José Alberto Uclés, spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”When everyone obeys the rules of the road and shares the road responsibly, we all travel more safely.”

Annual Program Gives Teens Dose of Grim Reality

There’s a difference between scare tactics and harsh reality. The Every 15 Minutes program uses a combination of both to warn teenagers about the potentially lethal consequences of intoxicated or distracted driving.

“The reality is that it could be you. Drunk driving can impact their lives and the lives of those they care about” said Gayle Losch of Vista del Lago High School in Folsom, California, who has coordinated the “Every 15 Minutes” program for the school for several years.

Improve Brake Safety With Fluid Inspection

A soft, spongy brake pedal may indicate brake issue

The fluid surging through your brake lines enables everything from gentle slowdowns to those soul-churning emergency stops. Your life literally depends on the fluid, so knowing when to replace it is vital.  

Most vehicles don’t have a gauge to monitor the brake fluid, so turn to the owner’s manual or your trusted technician to help properly maintain this vital fluid.

Remembering Lincoln: 150 Years Later

The Lincoln Funeral Train

Seven score and 10 years ago the United States ended a brutal conflict and lost their charismatic president. Museums and traveling exhibits are using the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination to reflect on perhaps the darkest period in American history.

Focus On Roadside With Latest Lenses

Give binoculars a permanent home in the glove box

You have to respect a device that has remained largely unchanged over the centuries. Binoculars are more precise and durable than ever, and that’s why they still warrant a spot in the glove compartment.

May Marks Centennial Anniversary of Babe Ruth’s First Home Run

America celebrates Babe Ruth's First Home Run

One hundred years ago this month Babe Ruth made his first of 714 trips around the bases after launching a pitch into the seats.

May 6, 1915 saw the lumbering lefty connect on Jack Warhop’s offering, sending the first pitch of the at-bat screaming into the second tier of the right field grandstand at New York’s Polo Grounds. Ironically, Ruth’s home run came against the team he’s most commonly associated with: The New York Yankees.

Impaired driving remains key concern, hazard for motorists

Drunken driving has plummeted in recent years but that doesn’t mean there’s fewer impaired motorists on the road.

Recent government studies indicate that while drunken driving is at its lowest rate since the early 1970s, people are taking to the wheel while high on marijuana or after popping prescription pills.

Road Rage: Tips to help drivers keep their cool

Adults juggling a mortgage, career and family sometimes struggle to keep their temper in check while driving. Imagine the difficulty for teenagers with minimal driving experience when they grapple with road rage.

“People in our society become adults at the age of 18 but in terms of brain development teenagers don’t have access to normal full adult executive function,” said Dr. Bob Nemerovski, a Bay Area psychologist and expert on road rage.

National Campaign Takes Aim at Reducing Child Traffic Injuries

A new national campaign aims to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries for children younger under the age of 10.

Parents chauffeuring between events sometimes neglect to properly buckle their children, according to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Administration. More than half of the 1,552 children who died in traffic-related injuries during the past 5 years were not wearing seatbelts.